Zero waste to Landfill programs

Zero-waste programs 

We organize zero waste programs as such events reduce carbon emissions by diverting discarded materials from methane-generating landfills. And avoiding carbon emissions associated with extracting, processing, and transporting raw materials and waste. By implementing a Zero Waste event approach, ViaGreen aims to decrease the poisonous impact on the environment significantly. We aim to recycle 90% of waste, from food waste to electricity.

Zero-waste Events

  • Feed Surplus food to the marginalized community:

ViaGreen currently feeds surplus food from our clients to 673 poor daily across Mumbai to prevent them from starvation and malnutrition.


  • Empower women by providing them with work:

ViaGreen works with 60 marginalized homemakers who make various upcycled products like planters, bags, bouquets, pens, etc. for our clients.    


  • Leftover food to be fed to street dogs by NGO:

We currently feed 250 Kg of leftover food collected from restaurants & offices to 25 street dogs daily. 


  • Educate importance of source segregation:

The kiosk educates the importance of source segregation to the spectators. We aim to educate 1000+ spectators about the importance of segregation.  


Zero-waste programs

Redeem Swachh Bharat Points for employee engagement activity – Zero waste homes workshop

Through our Zero Waste homes workshop, we aim to contribute to the social development of the Employees. The workshop involves giving source segregation training to employees for homes, distributing in-house composting kits, and assisting them to get all their household recycling. The impact of the program is thriving individuals understand the importance of Waste.

The workshop intends to create awareness among the kids and the residents about waste segregation. The concept of zero waste reinforces the notion that waste must be reduced by consciously changing consumption and resource use patterns.

Redeem Swachh Bharat Points by helping unprivileged Child

Recycle your newspaper into pen & pencils. Donate these recycled stationeries to the unprivileged children who cannot afford them, and feel happy. Impact so far by us:

  • 385 slum kids have benefited from the study material.
  • 484,560 Kg of waste has been sent for recycling.

Redeem Swachh Bharat Points by planting a tree

Plant a tree and go green, is one of our mantras at ViaGreen. We implore every resident and corporate individual to reduce using one-time usable plastic products. Planting trees is very much important nowadays to save our planet from disastrous consequences. As forests are now overwhelmingly acknowledged as fundamentally important for efforts to combat the climate change threat. So, utilize Swachh Bharat Points to plant trees and take a positive step towards saving our environment.