Corporate waste management service

Corporate organizations are bulk waste generators, too, and responsible for a significant portion of pollution of the environment. Hence, to manage the waste generated by the organizations, we provide a complete office waste management solution for every kind of waste. Through our service waste records are maintained for daily waste collection from the facility. A monthly summary and certificate are provided for the eco-friendly disposal of PPE and other biomedical waste. 

At Viagreen, we very cautiously and carefully take care of all the processes, maintaining the safety of our staff as well as clients. To nurture fruitful office waste management in Mumbai and around, we work very efficiently with several corporate organizations. Our services in the commercial field include- 

Dry waste pickup

Our team cautiously picks up the dry waste from the commercial organizations. Dry wastes are combinations of - Newspapers, Cardboard, and Plastics of all forms, like Pet bottles, Shampoo bottles, oil cans, milk pouches, wrappers, etc. E-waste like Discarded mobile phones and other electronic stuff, old clothes, Footwear and accessories, Tetra packs & other similar FMCG packaging waste. 

OWC Maintenance 

We have our own OWC machines set in the workplaces on the field. ViaGreen staff has equipped OWC machine operators. They are very well equipped to handle different types of organic waste composters.

Organic waste processing

At ViaGreen, wet waste is made to compost using an OWC machine provided onsite. And offsite processing is done for Windrow composting (Taloja 5TPD) Biogas [Pali hill (1TPD) + Dombivli (5TPD)].  


Recycling of Waste

Recycling is one of the phenomenal ways to do something worthy out of waste. By recycling, we can minimize the amount of garbage for dumping and keep our surroundings clean, mostly less polluted. With the helping hands of our team and sustainable technology, we offer complete solutions for organizations to manage their waste.

At ViaGreen, we generously aim to transform most of today's waste into something useful. Hence, we act as a bridge between the waste generators and recyclers as recycling offers an excellent resource for us. Recycling transforms millions of thrown-out wastes into usable objects. 

Upcycling of wastes

For a sustainable and eco-friendly tomorrow, ViaGreen is working tirelessly to safeguard the future. At ViaGreen, we do upcycle wastes that are quick to transform into usable items without many hazards. First, we make a reasonable inspection of wastes to figure out the defects, then work on them efficiently and give them a new look. Certain materials like PET bottles, Oil tins are transformed into beautiful planters' or pots. Trust us, at ViaGreen we very proficiently manage the wastes and make the best out of them.

Green Building Initiative

The world we live in nowadays is going through many hazardous situations due to the climate crisis. Rapid urban growth is one of the most significant reasons behind global warming and the climate issue. In the urban sector, buildings have a substantial environmental impact as they contribute approximately 45% of carbon dioxide emissions directly. So, to prevent this global issue, we at Viagreen have taken a Green Building Initiative to reduce the negative impacts caused by the building industry- 

  • Our Green Building initiative uses efficient and harmless resources, like solar energy to save more. 
  • Recyclable products and environmentally friendly devices are used for a sustainable life.
  • We provide certification to the participants granted by IGBC and LEED as an honor and reward.
  • With the cooperation of the organizations, we conduct Green Workshops to make less trash and create more treasure to improve our living style. 


  • We aim to actively contribute to the social development of the communities.
  • To develop the ability to think and organize to create something useful.
  • To indulge the employees in an extracurricular activity with exclusive tools i.e. waste material.
  • To explore the environmental concepts and actions.
  • To make our vision and outlook broader about nature & society.
  • To control the harmful effects of waste on our environment.

Our Waste Management Reports 

At ViaGreen, Waste data is recorded on an MIS platform every day. And monthly MIS reports with detailed waste profiling are tracked on a timely basis. Plus, we ask for regular feedback from corporate tenants to help and improve our waste management practices as best. At ViaGreen, we make an articulate report on carbon footprints reduced, and landfill diversion to improve the actions.


ViaGreen offers true partnerships to guide clients through every particular certification process. Regardless of your industry or society, we will help you to get the proper certification that is a perfect fit for your organization. We will ensure that the certification matches your brand, service, and sustainability targets. Through ViaGreen certification, we will help you to meet your customers' expectations to add value to your organization by making something productive out of the waste. We are proud to share that our prestigious clients were awarded this year for their smart waste segregation and recycling initiative.