Residential waste management service

Apartments are giant waste generators of our society, hugely responsible for damaging the environment. The mixed waste produced by residents is a lot dangerous and harmful, so waste segregation in households is very necessary. And for the subsequent procedures to effectively manage the generated waste, ViaGreen is there to you help you. ViaGreen is an environmental organization with 100% waste segregation and management solutions. With years of experience and experimentation, we provide a complete range of independent recycling and waste management services for every community.

Our team has been working sincerely from the beginning to build reasonable residential waste management solutions at best. We provide well effective residential waste management services for a healthy living atmosphere. Our services include- 

Collection of waste

Our housekeeping staffs collect the segregated waste from door to door in specific containers. If the waste is not segregated correctly, our workers separate them for further steps. 

Dry waste pickup

Our team cautiously picks up the dry waste as the recycled products are made by reusing them. Dry wastes are combinations of - Newspapers, Cardboard, and Plastics of all forms, like Pet bottles, Shampoo bottles, oil cans, milk pouches, wrappers, etc. E-waste like Discarded mobile phones and other electronic stuff, old clothes, Footwear and accessories, Tetra packs & other similar FMCG packaging waste.

OWC Maintenance 

We have our own OWC machines set in the workplaces on the field. ViaGreen staff has equipped OWC machine operators. They are very well equipped to handle different types of organic waste composters.

Organic waste processing

At ViaGreen, wet waste is made to compost using an OWC machine provided onsite. And offsite processing is done for Windrow composting (Taloja 5TPD), Biogas [Pali hill (1TPD) + Dombivli (5TPD)].